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Becoming a School Councillor

We elect a new school council each year in September. The children write manifestos and present these to the class. When voting for the school council we talk about the qualities we are looking for in the children that will be representing us. It is important the the children voted for will take time to listen and represent the views of the class thoughfully and accurately.

We set up the hall as a polling station and everyone has a chance to vote for their favourite 2 candidates. Our votes are secret just like the votes we will have when we are 18 and able to vote in parlimentary elections and local elections.

The children at St. Katharine's know that having the right to vote and chose a school council member is what it feels like to be a part of a Democracy.

The pictures above show our last year's school council on a trip to the Houses of Parliament, where they saw for themselves the buildings where government and the opposition sit to make our laws and debate issues.

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