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Parent Topic Webs

Each term teachers plan a sequence of learning around a topic heading for example; 'ROAR! HISS! STOMP! Exploring the Animal World' or 'The Legacy of the Greeks'. Below you can find the topic webs for your child's class for this academic year. A paper copy is sent home at the beginning of each new learning sequence; this may be for a short (half) term or for a long seasonal term. You can use this to complement the learning that we are doing in school with trips to the library, the recording of relevant TV programmes or just to facilitate talk with your child about thier learning.

If you have a particular passion, interest or expertise in an aspect of the learning that is happening in school we are always delighted to invite parents in to talk to the children or to help out in the classroom.

Parent topic webs can be found below and are organised into each seasonal term of the current academic year.

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