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School Development and Improvement Planning

As part of the school development planning process we seek the views of the whole school community. Each year in May/June we ask parents to respond to two simple questions which are: What do we do well? What could we improve? As headteacher I take all of the responses and collate the outcomes. By RAG rating these and colour coding them it is possible to see areas that development priorities and those aspects of our work that has been successful. Comparison of these responses year on year also enable us to see if we have made progress and been able to successfully respond to the needs of our community.

In the Autumn Term I ask parents to complete a questionnaire using the Ofsted headings; identical to those found in 'parent view'. Once collated we are able to reflect on what the responses are telling us about our current practise and adjustments that we could make to support our parents to know more about the work of the school.

Below are the RAG rated parent responses gathered in May 2016 and the outcome of the 'Ofsted' Questionnaire (2016 - 17).

Self Evaluation

As a reflective school we evaluate our progress under the Ofsted Headings to indentify strengths, weaknesses and next steps. This document is the first and last step in our cycle of evaluation. It is the starting point when making decisions about the Improvement and Development actions we need to take next and the year ends with evaluation of our progress towards identified goals. This document is shared with all groups within our school community and with those other agencies that we collaborate with as we seek to continually improve our practise at St. Katharine's.

Academy Improvement Plan - AIP

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