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Supporting Your Child With Written Calculation

Please find below a set of guidelines detailing how written calculation is taught at St Katharines. There is a seperate grid for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each grid shows the progression from Year 1 to Year 6. We believe that parents have a vital role to play in their childs progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher if you have any questions.

Passport Maths

Reading At St Katharine's

We are passionate about developing our readers at St Katharines. Find out about our approach to the teaching of reading in our booklet.


Over the next few afternoons Mrs Phelps could hardly take her eyes from the small girl sitting for hour after hour in the big armchair at the far end of the room with a book on her lap...

... and a strange sight it was , this tiny dark haired person sitting there with her feet nowhere near touching the floor, totally absorbed in the wonderful adventures of Pip and Mrs Haversham and her cobwebbed house and by the spell of magic that Dickens the great story teller had woven in his words.

From ‘Matilda’ by Roahl Dahl


Handwriting at St Katharine's

Making Progress with Handwriting

I can use a lead in stroke for all lower case letters.

My capitals are bigger than other letters and I know not to join them.

I use clear ascenders and descenders

I join all letters properly

The spaces between my words are about the size of a letter a.

My writing is joined and fluent and all letters are a legible, consistent size.

I can manipulate handwriting for different purposes e.g. bold, italic, capital letters.

I have a serviceable script that is unique to me. It enables me to write neatly and at speed.

Teachers put this document in the front of children’s books to support them in knowing the next steps they need to take to develop a fluent, cursive handwriting style. The bold type represents the standard required for children to achieve their pen license. 

Levelled Reading Bookmarks

The above levelled reading bookmarks no longer reflect the assessement of children's reading that we are currently using. Levels are no longer used to describe children's attainment. We are working on replacing the above bookmarks with descriptions of expected achievement in reading for each year group which will also reflect the colour banding that we use to differentiate book choice. Until the new book marks are ready to go home with children you will continue to see these book marks which give prompts to parents when supporting thier child's reading at home. Watch this space....

Reading Evening - 10th October

On Monday 10th October we hosted a reading evening for parents led by literacy consultant Marie Svilis.

Thank you to everyone that came to what was an incredibly well attended and inspirational evening that I hope gave you lots of ideas about how best to supprot your child at home. Please find below the set of slides and a list of useful resources that you may want to explore further, including some poetry compilations and website adresses.

To quote one of our parents the morning after the event; "it was an inspirational evening... it made we want to go and get and read every book in the world..."

Comments like this one make our work so worth while!


Parent Maths Mornings

This year we wanted to invite parents in to the classroom to take part in a maths lesson. We held 3 mornings, giving all parents the opportunity to take part in lessons in the classrooms of all their children in the school. We have had some great feedback and hope to offer similar opportunities around other aspects of the curriculum in the future.

'really enjoyed being in the classroom involved in the children's learning'

'this was very useful, because I now understand teaching methods, how interactive pupils and teachers are and how children evaluate their own work and take responsibility for learning'

Please find below the powerpoint used in the first information session delivered by Niki Jones.

Year 2 and Year 6 SATs information evenings

Each year we hold a SATs information evening for both Year 2 and Year 6 parents. Please find below the power point presentations that were used on the night to explain the processes and procedure around the administration of these tests.

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