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The School Day

The School Day

Children are free to come into school from 8:40. Early morning tasks are provided by the class teachers with the aim that children begin their day in a calm manor that prepares them for the learning that they will begin at 9:00.

Registers close at 9:00 and it is our expectation that all children are in school and settled ready to start the day at this time. The structure of each morning can vary but most mornings are spent on literacy and numeracy learning.

There is a short break at 10:30 where, weather permitting, children play outside and have the opportunity to eat a healthy snack and use the toilet. Learning resumes at 10:45 until we break for lunch at 12:15.

The children have a short break outside, while the hall is prepared for eating, before coming inside to eat either a hot school meal or sandwiches that they have brought with them. After eating children enjoy a longer playtime before returning to classrooms at 1:15pm.

Key stage one children have another short break in the afternoon for approximately 15minutes. The timing of this is at the teacher’s discretion. Key stage two children work through the afternoon uninterrupted. The afternoon may be divided into several short ‘chunks’ of learning or be spent involved in one area of learning; again teacher’s use their own discretion when setting the timetable for learning at the beginning of each week but are mindful of ensuring that the balance and breadth of the curriculum are maintained over time.

We have a broad and balanced curriculum at St. Katharine’s school including a commitment to 2 hours of physical activity each week. As such we expect children to have a clean PE kit in school every day that is appropriate for wearing outside all year round. Using the outdoors to support our learning is high on our list of priorities, there is space for every child to keep a pair of wellington boots in school to have access to at all times. It is not unusual for teachers to make the use of the outdoor space part of their planning. Time spent outside either in the school grounds or in the immediate locality will form part of a child’s week at some time.

The end of the school day is at 3:15. Children are collected from the playground by their parents, unless they have access to school transportation.

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