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Working with others helps us to improve

We work with a range of partners in our aim to be a continuually improving and reflective school. Having the opportunity to share our practise, work on collaborative actions and projects and be part of a range of networks support us in this aim.

Excalibur Academies Trust - EAT

In September 2018 St Katharine's Primary School became a part of Excalibur Academy Trust (EAT).

After a long an lengthy consultation with all our stakeholders it was decided that becoming a part of the Excalibur Academy Trust would enable us to take the next step on our journey.

As part of the trust we continue to work with the educational partners that we have established relationships with namely our local Marlborough Cluster and the Local Authority but now have direct access to a family of schools that we more formally collaborate with to achieve excellence in common areas. An example of this might be work on a 'maths strategy' or the development of our practice in the area of phonics teaching.

Follow this link to the EAT website to find out more about the work of the Trust and the other partners we have within EAT: http://excalibur.org.uk/

We are also lucky enough to be a part of the Excalibur Teaching School Alliance. Again being a part of this organisation provides many opportunities for School Improvement and Development. For more information on the work of the TSA please click on the link:http://www.excaliburtsa.org.uk/


Excalibur Teaching School Alliance - TSA

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