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Aims, Values and Vision

Our Values

As a whole school community we set about selecting our four Christian Values in September 2014. We worked hard to develop our initial list of 18 values and then to canvas the opinions of parents, governors, our cleaners, the PCC, teachers and of course our wonderful learners. Votes were counted and our final four  values were finally chosen:

Honesty   Respect   Effort   Friendship

We celebrated having arrived at this point with the making of banners. The children then took part a procession of the banners to Church where they were blessed by Michael McHugh our vicar.

Banners Parade and Blessing 006

Since arriving at our 4 core values as a school community we wanted to develop an image that would support all of us to articulate what it is that makes St. Katharine’s the special place that we believe it is.

We worked alongside Mandy Christopher (advisory headteacher) from the Salisbury Diocese to develop further our school vision and add deeper meaning to our school motto;

‘From Little Acorns Great Oaks Grow’ 

Working with the image of an oak tree, representatives of our school community including, parents, staff, governors and school counsellors took part in a work shop to develop and deepen our thinking around our school vision. 

The result of this work has been to build a picture that represents our school, its ethos, aims and direction. We hope that all members of our school community can use this image to articulate the vision of the school.

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